Thinking Legal Aid


Applying for financial assistance.

Legal Aid

Applying for legal aid means that you are asking Legal Aid to pay for our costs to represent you in court. This is called a grant of legal aid. Information regarding Legal Aid can be found by clicking here.

Legal Aid is not free. Most people will have to pay a contribution. The amount depends on your financial situation and the area of law in which a grant is sought. To be entitled to a grant of Legal Aid you will need to meet some eligibility requirements. Information on those requirements can be found at The Means Test Indicator is a guide to help you assess whether you may be financially eligible for legal aid in those matters where Legal Aid has a means test however, the results of the indicator do not guarantee that you will receive legal aid.

If you are eligible you should download, print and complete all particulars on the Legal Aid Application Form which can be found at

The Application form is used to assess:

  • your financial means (your income and your assets)
  • the merit of your case (whether it is likely to succeed and whether the cost can be justified)
  • whether you meet Legal Aid NSW policies.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid you should print the form, complete it, then bring it with your CentreLink statements, payslips, list of assets and bank statements in order that we can promptly process an application for you.

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