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Thinking litigation

Standing ground.

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Litigation services

While individuals are entitled to represent themselves before a Court or Tribunal, it is usually prudent to retain a solicitor to ensure that your arguments are professionally prepared and processed correctly to avoid delays.

The litigation process can be complex, daunting, uncertain, subject to time limitation periods and quite expensive. After filing an application with a Court significant time may still often pass before a matter can be determined depending on the nature and complexity of the proceedings, the conduct of the parties and the caseload of the appropriate Court or Tribunal.

At Legal Minds we understand that there may come a time when you decide to stand your ground, and we will be right there with you, with unwavering tenacity.  Legal Minds can provide extensive experience and support in commercial, property, employment, family, defamation, consumer, insurance, medical, corporate, discrimination, migration and other civil litigation matters. We provide direct access to your solicitor, independent experts and our network of barristers and other professional services to get you there.

We openly discuss and provide to you up front estimates of likely costs to give you peace of mind and the opportunity to tailor our services to meet your budget.

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