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In Australia we have one of the most comprehensive and accessible education systems in the world. So it’s not surprising that our education system and policies change rapidly to keep up with advances in technology, research and national and international demands for flexible learning paradigms.

At Legal Minds we understand the complexities associated with good governance of our education sector, the development and implementation of appropriate policies, and enforcement and protection of your entitlements – whether as an academic, teacher, local or international student, parent or administrator. Legal Minds can support you within Universities, Public and Private Schools, Kindergartens, Pre-schools, Colleges, TAFE, and at home.

Whether you have concerns over intellectual property, plagiarism, ethical obligations, cyber or other bullying, concerns regarding appropriate supervision or the manner in which your work or performance have been reviewed, or advice preparing documents for submission to tribunal hearings or the Ombudsman, we can help you resolve matters to ensure that the integrity and value of our education system is maintained.

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Christopher Serow

BA (UNSW), LLB (UNE), MLLR (Syd) - Principal, Solicitor Director, Notary Public, Migration Lawyer (LPN 5511145), Nationally Accredited Mediator (MAN 118-7071)