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We understand how daunting it can be to require the professional services of a law firm, and the uncertainty as to how much the transaction will cost.

When it comes to determining legal fees, we offer value, transparency and flexibility. At Legal Minds, we want you to be informed and comfortable about your decision to retain our services. So we invite you to participate in determining the value of the services we are to provide to you.

Legal services are sometimes considered too complex and unpredictable to be performed for a fixed fee. While the traditional ‘billable hour’ has been the common method for lawyers to charge for their services, Legal Minds’ delivery of quality services is underpinned by our unique approach to alternative pricing strategies.

Securing our services upfront, paying by EFTPOS or credit cards (American Express, MasterCard and VISA), or entering into one of our unique payment plans are just three of the options available to you. By thinking together, we’ll understand your individual circumstances and may be able to help you secure options such as bank loans, legal aid or litigation lending.

Taking the time to listen to your ideas, thinking together about payment strategies and providing you with guidance to avoid unnecessary costs will ensure that you have options, opportunity and peace of mind to maximise the value and timely delivery of our professional services.

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