Thinking migration

Fresh starts.

The ins and outs of getting here or there.


Urban and regional living within Australia provides many lifestyle opportunities that cannot be found or afforded in other countries.

As a nation, Australia has benefited from the marvellous diversity of skills, customs, and experience that migrants bring to us.

The process of migrating to Australia however can be complex, expensive, uncertain and usually a daunting experience for individuals, loved ones, sponsors and businesses coping with frequent changes to forms, government policies, regulations and related legislation.

At Legal Minds we provide migration services in accordance with the Migration Agents’ Code of Conduct. Our nationally registered migration agent and our migration consultant to individuals, couples, families, businesses, investors, organisations and corporations can advise and facilitate the migration process to anywhere within Australia.

Whether you are applying to live in Australia on a permanent visa basis for business, employment, family, love relationships; or, seeking a temporary visa as a tourist, student, for temporary employment or a working holiday, we can ensure peace of mind and certainty with up front estimates either on an hourly basis or with one of our tailored migration fee packages.

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For more information, please contact:

Christopher Serow

BA (UNSW), LLB (UNE), MLLR (Syd) - Principal, Solicitor Director, Notary Public, Migration Lawyer (LPN 5511145), Nationally Accredited Mediator (MAN 118-7071)