Thinking Mediation

Win win.

Facilitation for successful resolutions.


Workplace disputes, commercial and neighborhood disagreements, relationship breakdowns, partnership splits and falling outs are an unfortunate fact of life.

Whether it be as a result of a misunderstanding, an indiscretion, a change of focus or gradual change, it is human to have disputes.

How these disputes are handled can be the difference between a continuing commercial relationship, a happy workplace or an amicable post-divorce or an expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and uncertain outcome through litigation.

At Legal Minds we have experience and expertise in dispute resolution mediation services to assist parties in achieving a mutually acceptable outcome without the imposition and cost of court proceedings.

We can even provide you with an up front estimate of costs to be shared equally between the disputing parties.

Talk to us. You’ll be inspired.

For more information, please contact:

Christopher Serow

BA (UNSW), LLB (UNE), MLLR (Syd) - Principal, Solicitor Director, Notary Public, Migration Lawyer (LPN 5511145), Nationally Accredited Mediator (MAN 118-7071)

Elizabeth Stahlut

BA (UNE); Dip.Law (LPAB) - Senior Solicitor