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Notarial practice is a profession of great antiquity probably having its origin in the civil institutions of ancient Rome.

Today the customs and traditions continue in relation to many international transactions requiring the services of a Notary Public.

At Legal Minds our Notary Public has the combined legal experience and notarial qualifications to draw up formal certificates and to notarise, verify, certify and authenticate your documents to ensure that they can be recognised throughout the world such as debentures, affidavits for use in Court proceedings in other countries, powers of attorney, estate matters, confirming identity of individuals and even ships protests.

You will have peace of mind knowing the cost of your transaction up front with predetermined fees fixed in accordance with the current recommended scale published by The Society of Notaries of NSW Inc. Those fees can be viewed at

Within our social and business community the requirement to have documents appropriately notarised is an important process requiring the requisite skill and experience of a Notary Public to keep our day to day local and international business transactions moving.

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Christopher Serow

BA (UNSW), LLB (UNE), MLLR (Syd) - Principal, Solicitor Director, Notary Public, Migration Lawyer (LPN 5511145), Nationally Accredited Mediator (MAN 118-7071)