About Us

From commercial, insurance and business transactions to family, employment and estate matters, our team can get you on the right path.

Our History

Legal Minds began serving the New England and Eastern States communities on 7 September 2009. Our newly established premises, located in the centre of the Armidale Mall at 157 Beardy Street (just 50 metres from the Armidale Court House), was launched by the former Speaker of the NSW Parliament, the Honourable Richard Torbay MP.

Our reach

The company has a wide client base within Armidale and the New England region, nationally and internationally.

Legal Minds provides opportunities and circumstances for clients in remote or distanced regions to communicate directly with their solicitor, migration agent, notary, mediator or conveyancer electronically by way of video link and teleconferencing on a 24-hour basis. By arrangement, members of our professional staff can also travel to meet private clients where required to ensure face-to-face personal consultations. Meeting room facilities are also available by appointment to consult with our professional staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Hong Kong.

Our philosophy

Legal Minds philosophy is to inspire and encourage clients to make necessary decisions to achieve their desired outcomes. The company is typified by its culture, practice and values that emphasise personal service combined with legal expertise and experience to assist clients in navigating through complex legal, financial and regulatory barriers.

Dispute resolution through mediation, conciliation or collaborative legal frameworks is encouraged to avoid the expense and imposition of protracted litigation. Where matters cannot be resolved and proceed to Court, the Legal Minds team deliver all the experience, skill and tenacity needed to get your matter resolved.

Maintaining a collaborative and contemporary approach to the delivery of legal services has been an important attribute of the firm. Our diversity of talents and products is similarly matched with our wide-ranging network of high-level professional expertise and know-how.

Our services

Legal Minds provides professional legal advice and support in relation to family law, business, corporate services, conveyancing, environment, local government, insurance matters, wills and estate planning and most areas of litigation. In addition to general areas of law, the company also provides qualified mediation services and access to our Notary Public for international transactions.

Niche areas such as wine and education law are also serviced, and our company is the only legal practice within the New England that provides migrations services. Click here to view some of the common areas of law serviced by Legal Minds.

For an obligation-free consultation, you can make an appointment to either attend – or be contacted as part of – our First Saturday chats to obtain an initial opinion in relation to matters in which you may require assistance.

So talk to us. You’ll be inspired!