Thinking Reputation

Self preservation.

Protecting your integrity from defamation.

Reputation Law

Your reputation is important.

Stating or publishing comments without proper inquiry combined with reckless allegations about an individual may be considered as malicious and defamatory. Ultimately defamatory allegations will cause a negative impact on a person’s reputation and self esteem, disrupting and maligning their achievements in business, social, sporting, political and cultural associations that may have been built up over several years.

Court proceedings for defamation are extremely expensive. Defamation matters cannot be heard in a Local Court in NSW and are usually processed through either the District Court or the Supreme Court. Barristers are usually retained in this complex area of litigation and costs orders can be significant.

At Legal Minds we are compassionate and care about your reputation. We understand the damage that can be caused through the imputations of false statements and the need to get the record straight. Where possible we encourage dispute resolution without the cost and imposition of formal Court proceedings applying current statutory provisions to seek a retraction and appropriate compensation.

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